Meet our Team

Jim Wagstaff

Co-Founder / Managing Director
Content Guru

Jim leads the Consulting part of the business, and has a wealth of experience in executive roles in various companies. He loves working with clients to help them identify their learning needs and map their plans so as to positively impact the business. He also leads content development and has designed many training programmes for different customers and industries. Jim is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in business administration with a research emphasis on cross-cultural leadership and organisational development. He is a runner and loves to travel.

Yvonne Soh

Co-Founder / Production Director
Marketing Guru

Yvonne leads the digital platform production, where she takes the product from concept to implementation. She has successfully managed the launch of different IT products. She is also responsible for content transformation, producing valuable and engaging material for audiences. She is passionate about integrating technology into day-to-day business. She loves dogs and mixed martial arts.

Jenny Chew

Office Manager
Finance Guru

Jenny manages administration, accounts and communications. She ensures the efficient functioning of the office. In her prior experience with a regulatory authority in Singapore, she played a critical role in reporting and analysis. During her free time, Jenny loves to visit parks and green spaces to cycle and fly kites.

Bernard Low

Programme Manager
Projects Guru

Bernard oversees the planning, implementation and tracking of all projects. He is responsible for ensuring quality of work. In his prior experience, he has managed a wide variety of projects for different clients. In his free time, he is an avid gamer and a biker. He loves rock music and Liverpool FC.

Prapim Chutaprutikorn

Graphic Designer
Creative Guru

Prapim is responsible for creating visual designs in various digital and media formats. She loves to draw, and can often be found with a pencil and sketch pad. She shares her passion for art by teaching children in weekend art classes. In her free time, she enjoys cycling.

Jude Lim

Media Designer
Animation Guru

Jude works her animation magic on videos by bringing still illustrations to life. She loves animating cartoon characters and drawing portraits of people and animals. During her free time, she will be out with her dog socialising with other dog lovers .

Michelle Choo

Content Designer
Content Design Guru

Michelle is responsible for content design and layout, transforming learning content into visual online modules. Michelle loves travelling, animals, art and drinking Milk Tea (but is lactose intolerant). She loves attending art festivals to stir her creative juices. During her free time, she chills with her cat, plays computer games and stares at art.

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