Meet the Team
We're just a bunch of honest, hardworking people who want to change the world of corporate education.

Jim Wagstaff
Co-founder / Managing Director

Jim leads the Consulting part of the business. He loves working with clients to help them identify their business and learning needs and recommend strategies. He has designed many client training programmes for different customers and industries.

Jim is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in business administration with an emphasis on organisational development. He loves training in Muay Thai and travelling to new places.

Yvonne Soh
Co-founder / Chief Operating Officer

Yvonne leads the digital platform production, where she takes the product from concept to implementation. She is also responsible for content transformation. She is passionate about lifelong learning, and is a perennial student at heart.

She loves dogs, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu, and you can often find her at the gym or at the park training her dogs.

Jenny Chew
Office Manager / Admin Guru

Jenny manages administration, accounts and communications. She ensures the efficient functioning of the office. In her prior experience with a regulatory authority in Singapore, she played a critical role in reporting and analysis.

During her free time, Jenny loves to visit parks and green spaces to cycle and fly kites.

XP Teo
Technical Consultant / Development Guru

XP is the 'techie' in the office, and is responsible for the development of the digital platform. She is often either doing some form of coding, or debugging.

She loves learning languages, and is fluent in Japanese. She also enjoys the arts, sports and is always on the lookout for new adventures.

Clara Alverina
Product Manager / Platform Guru

Clara is responsible for product strategy and roadmap planning, and managing the product lifecycle. Clara enjoys sports and has a good sense of humour. She believes that life is better when we are laughing.

During her free time, she watches movies, spends time with her friends and listens to music.

Jolene Xu
Marketing Manager / Brand Guru

Jolene designs Jam Factory's brand story by precision guess work based on quantitative data and the whims of a dynamic marketing landscape. She is a globetrotter who loves to listen to others' life stories (or maybe just 'kaypoh') and attempts to populate her sketchbook with those encounters.

You will most likely find her queuing for sliced fish bee hoon or yong tau foo every other day.

Michelle Choo
Content Designer / Design Guru

Michelle is responsible for content design and layout, transforming learning content into visually awesome online modules. Michelle loves travelling, animals, art and drinking Milk Tea (but is lactose intolerant). She loves attending art festivals to stir her creative juices.

During her free time, she chills with her cat, plays computer games and stares at art.

Jerena Tan
Content Designer / Design Guru

Jerena is responsible for content design and layout, transforming learning content into visually awesome online modules. Jerena identifies with a sloth.

She loves music, history, reading and travelling. In her free time, she goes to museums, cycles and plays computer games.

Jude Lim
Media Designer / Animation Guru

Jude works her animation magic on videos by bringing still illustrations to life. She loves animating cartoon characters and drawing portraits of people and animals. Jude currently lives in Arizona, USA with her husband.

During her free time, she watches YouTube videos or she is out with her dog socialising with other dog lovers.

Melissa Tham
Curriculum Manager / Content Guru

Melissa leads the planning, development and production of learning curriculum and content. She has prior experience in customer service, education and learning and development sectors.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking and baking.

Chief Canine Officer

Muffin is responsible for cheering up the office employees and maintaining security. She has won several trophies in dog agility trials in Singapore, and is well-versed in more than 20 tricks. In her free time, she enjoys eating and sleeping.

Canine Intern

Cookie helps to provide inspiration in the office with her always cheerful disposition and bubbly personality. She is potty-trained (except when she is super excited!), and has already mastered many tricks. She hopes to be an agility champion someday. She is very friendly, loves to run around the house and play with her toys.

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