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Empowering the Modern Woman

Embrace your skills for success

Make an Impact

  • Get winning tips on how to communicate effectively, and become a great presenter.



Become a Great Networker

  • Network like a pro with our 12-step guide and our simulated networking exercise.



Get Things Done

  • Manage your time so you get more hours out of your day. 



This is for

  • The modern day wonder woman. Whether you are re-entering the workforce, or are looking to hone your skills to get ahead in your careers, we got you covered. #womenandwork

When: Workshop is run monthly (check schedule below)


Where: A swanky spot in Singapore with good food (of course)


What time: 9am - 5pm


Cost: $200


Our Wonder Woman Trainer

Mel pic.jpg.png


- Content Manager

- ACTA-certified trainer

- >10 years experience in education and training

The Great Agenda

1. Women and Work

  • Discuss the challenges and barriers faced by working women in today’s world 

  • Understand the limitations of work life balance and why work life integration is the new buzzword

  • Learn strategies to achieve work life integration

  • Analyse the value of emotional intelligence

  • Learn tips on how to apply emotional intelligence at work


2. Networking Masterclass

  • How to approach strangers and start a conversation

  • Redirecting and exiting conversations

  • Follow a 12-step guide on how to network face-to-face

  • The virtual networker

  • Apply your networking skills in a simulated environment

3. Communication Skills

  • Speak up and get heard

  • Gain strategies for managing impromptu talks

  • Learn winning tips for effective presentations

  • Know how to sharpen your listening skills

  • Recognise speech habits that hurt your credibility

  • Develop techniques to demonstrate assertiveness at work

  • Role play exercise


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