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We LOVE delivering group workshops

focused on management, leadership, communication and other essential skills that can help you to succeed at work. 
We deliver both public workshops and bespoke workshops for companies. 
We have loads of expertise in these areas and can tailor the content to suit your company's unique needs.
  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Partner and Channel Development

  • Account Management

  • Executive Communication

Here are some courses that we regularly run:


Essential Presentation Skills

It's not always easy to deliver a good presentation. You want to engage your audience, and to be able to deliver your message across effectively. Whether your presentation is meant to influence, entertain, inspire or inform, there are a set of techniques and guidelines you can use to structure your presentation and become a confident and capable presenter. This is a 1-day workshop, and you get free access to our online modules and online mentor, so you can keep practising and improving. 


Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Cash flow statements, balance sheets, net present value, return on invested capital ..... does it sound foreign to you? It does not have to! Our programme is tailored for non-finance professionals, who will still find it beneficial to understand key concepts in finance and be able to apply them at work. If you need to prepare budgets, do some form of planning and understand how businesses work, this course will provide you with a good foundation of finance in business. We use an interactive blended approach which includes a 1-day workshop and online modules, so as to keep you engaged and yet have the flexibility to review information whenever you need to.


Leadership Essentials Workshop

Perfect for aspiring leaders or new managers with less than 2 years experience in a management role. This course will help you to understand what qualities good managers should possess, analyse criteria for delegating work, learn how to run effective meetings and manage your team effectively. Our unique blended approach gives you the best of both worlds - a 4-hour workshop coupled with weekly online learning and 'virtual' live sessions, for maximum interaction and flexibility.


Leadership Masterclass

This workshop is perfect for experienced leaders who want to further enhance their management skills. Understand the role of personality in influencing your leadership style, how to coach and motivate your teams, and build strategies to hire and retain talent. Our unique blended approach gives you the best of both worlds - a 4-hour workshop coupled with weekly online learning and 'virtual' live sessions, for maximum interaction and flexibility.


Digital Mastery

How do you navigate this digital world and harness technology to innovate and get ahead? How will the Fourth Industrial Revolution affect the way we learn, work, live and interact with one another? Get the latest scoop on trends and predictions and how the digital economy will impact our lives. Learn about the key concepts in the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as digital currency, smart factories, digital marketing, social everything. An essential course for working professionals who want to stay relevant.

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